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Our calculator page is temporarily paused while we input the most current data from the Montana Department of Revenue. As you may know Montanans received their actual property tax bills this fall and we're working to give you the most accurate breakdown possible. Feel free to check back in the near future for updates and information on your property taxes. In the meantime, you can read our FAQ on the topic.

Montana Tax Shift Calculator

This year, Governor Greg Gianforte and the majority in the Montana Legislature had the opportunity to take action on property taxes. They failed to act. Now, thousands of Montanans are paying more, while big corporations are getting permanent tax cuts. This reckless shift in taxes means that homeowners and renters will pay more so that big corporations can pay less.

Montana homeowners are footing the bill for corporate tax breaks—an unprecedented tax shift onto working families and fixed-income Montanans. You can use this calculator to see how much of your property tax is going to pay for corporate cuts compared to how much goes to help your local community.

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Why doesn’t the state of Montana have a tool to help me figure out where my taxes are going?

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